Function Lock Agent Code to Application Report


Enable lock agent code function to the application reports. It will restrict the agent (sales person) to view his own reports by login his ID.

1. He/she cannot access other Agent's (or Sales Person) customer sales data
2. Agent (or Sales Person) can print and view their Customer Aging, Customer Statement, Sales report by themselves.
3. Cut-down the Accounts Department workload.
4. May cut-down paper cost. Because the report can be viewed on the screen by Agent themselves.

1. User ID (from Maintain User) and agent code (from Maintain Agent) must be SAME.
2. You have to tick "LOCK" in Maintain User.

Lock Agent function workable to the following application reports:
1. Print Customer Document Listing
2. Print Customer Balance Report
3. Print Customer Due Report
4. Print Customer Aging Report
5. Print Customer Statement
6. Print Customer Post Dated Cheque Listing
7. Print Customer Analysis By Document
8. Print Customer Sales and Collection Analysis
9. Print Sales Document Listing
10. Print Outstanding Sales Document Listing
11. Print Sales Price History
12. Print Profit & Loss by Document
13. Print Sales Analysis by Document
14. Print Yearly Sales Analysis

NOTE: Lock by Agent code to Supplier & Purchase application reports are workable too.

Project Information

Posted by: csloo
Created: Wed, 06/06/2012 - 14:32
Category: DIY Customization
Module: GL, AR, AP
Price: RM1500.00